Dear Competitor,

After the cancellation of the Rally du Maroc, we have moved quickly to offer you a new Rally: “The Andalucía Rally". It will not replace the Rallye du Maroc, which will return next year from October 8th to 13th, it is about offering a quality alternative that allows you to finally get back to driving.

This European Rally is still a Rally Raid and we are working to maintain its spirit, even if we are neither in the dunes nor in the desert. The Andalucía Rally is going to be organized in record time and I would like to thank especially the Junta de Andalucía, all the local authorities and also the federations for believing in us and making it possible, even in a year of special circumstances.

All the locations and facilities we have chosen will allow you to live a new sports adventure, discover a new region of the world experiencing first-hand the Andalusian culture and history.

Many of you will be wondering about the COVID situation. I want to let you know that the Rally will take place, but that at the same time, we are not ignoring the pandemic. The region of Andalusia is proportionally the least affected in Europe, which gives us additional comfort. An Anti-Covid plan is being developed in collaboration with the Andalusian health authorities. A plan that forces us, of course, to review our working methods and organization, but a necessary plan, that enables us to live our passion. The Rally will take place behind closed doors and the route will remain under discretion since the Anti Covid plan does not allow the admission of spectators.

We are counting on all of you to make this first edition a success.

Thank you for your trust,

David Castera.
The meeting point of the Rally will be located in a country house near the town of Villamartín.

The Andalucía Rally will take place behind closed doors in a country house, which will host the service park, the verifications, all the departures and arrivals, the Race Control Center, the pressroom, the briefings, as well as all lunches and dinners from noon on October 5th until the evening of October 10th.

This luxurious and picturesque country house will allow you to learn more about the culture and history of Andalucía.

You can find numerous hotels around Villmartín. For any information about accommodation, please contact the Sports Adventures agency.

Contact Manu who speaks English on +34 693 726 783, reservations@sports-adventure.es.
The Andalucía Rally is an authentic rally. Between 230 and 300 Km will be traveled each day with the help of the road book. The specials will not be marked, but for safety reasons, all the tracks that cross the route will be sealed with tape.

The stages will consist of a single special stage or 2 special stages cut off by a neutralization, and first raced by bikes and then by cars.

This first Andalucía Rally will not be part of the FIA ​​Cross Country World Cup nor the FIM Cross Country Rally World Championship.
Approximate Kilometrage Table
September 28th: closing of registrations

October 1st: If all payments are not made by this date, the participation in the rally will be rejected.

October 3rd: 2:00 p.m. opening of the assistance park

October 4th: shakedown

October 5th: 8:00 a.m. opening of Administrative checks
10 a.m. opening of scrutineering
                      6:00 p.m. press conference
                      8:00 p.m. general briefing

October 6th: 7:00 am administrative and technical checks
                      2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Super Special

October 7/8/9/10th: Stage 1 to Stage 4

October 10th: 8:00 p.m. Awards ceremony
By bike, professionals and those who are used to rally raids must register for Rally GP. Neophytes will enter Rally 2 either with a classic rally bike or quad, with an enduro bike or quad, or in the "Enduro Cup" subcategory. As the routes, the services and the safety devices are the same for everyone, the price will also be the same for all bike categories.

By Car, if your vehicle complies with the FIA ​​or Dakar 2021 regulations, it will be registered in the Auto Rally Cross Country (T1, T2) category, for cars that do not comply with the previous regulations, but comply with the technical safety regulations, they will be registered within Auto Open category.

In SSV, if your vehicle complies with the FIA ​​or Dakar 2021 regulations, it will be registered in the SSV Rally Cross Country (T3, T4) category, for SSV that do not comply with the previous regulations, but comply with the technical safety regulations, they will be registered within SSV Open.
A colored road book following the “Dakar” style will ensure navigation. It will use the same design and the same lexicon as on the Dakar 2020 (which will also be used on the Dakar 2021).

The bikers will collect their paper road book every morning, 1 hour before the first bike leaves from the Liaison Time Control.

The Open Auto and Open SSV categories will receive a paper road book at the Liaison Time Control with the Time Card. All competitors in the Auto Rally Cross Country and SSV Rally Cross Country category (T1, T2, T3 and T4) will be equipped with an electronic tablet, which will replace the paper road book. However, a sealed paper road book will be provided that can only be used in case the tablet fails. The reservation of the tablet must be made with ERTF in order to request the support and the remote control.
The required autonomy will be 250 km for bikes and 450 km for cars.

Bikes and quads in the Rallye 2 Enduro Cup category will have an autonomy of 90 km. It is the same for the Open SSV category, which will refuel every 90 km.

All competitors being supplied fuel by the organizations’ trucks on the Special Stage will have to pay for refueling during the administrative checks.

Teams having special fuel needs should address their demands to ODC, and our partner Repsol, who will put in place a delivery and distribution service at the rally, will supply them.
Given its level of organization in both sports and safety, the Andalucía Rally obtains the “Road to Dakar” label. Two registrations for the next Dakar are to be awarded: one in the SSV T4 Maroc category and one in the Rally 2 Moto Enduro Cup category for competitors who have never participated in Dakar.

Take note, participation in the Andalucía Rally will be the only event of the new season which will allow bikers wishing to participate in Dakar, who do not have enough experience in rally Raid, to validate their participation.
If you were already registered in Rallye du Maroc, you will automatically find your dossier on the website www.andaluciarallyodc.com . The access will remain the same, so that you can modify or finalize your registration.

If you would like to register, you can visit our website and create your registration dossier. We are at your disposal for any other further clarifications or information, via email concurrents@andaluciarallyodc.com or phone +376 83 83 04.
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