Good morning all,

In these difficult times, I hope that you and your loved ones are healthy.

The priority right now is saving lives by following the measures layed out by our respective governments through a collective effort, even if it means putting aside our passion for piloting and adventure for a time, but only for a time.

I would like to share a reasonable optimism with you all by moving forward and presenting this 2020 edition which will necessarily be special.

By the end of February, the preparation for the 2020 edition was well advanced. Since then, the health crises has spread throughout the entire planet. Morocco, the host country of the Rallye, unfortunately is no exception.

This, of course, has greatly complicated our organization of the Rallye, as must be the case for many of you in your respective endeavours.

Beyond that, I think that it is crucial to take into account economic impacts due to health factors and precautions that must be taken, while remaining faithful to the DNA of the Rallye du Maroc. Our event must remain accessible to all with a level of organization making the Rallye du Maroc a solid experience for participation in the world benchmark of Rally Raid, Dakar.

It is also this level of excellence that is damanded by top teams and pilots who compete for the title of World Champion as well as those who wish to prepare effectively for Dakar, or simply to have fun.

Today, the Rallye du Maroc is proud to be one of the few Rallys in the world in which the top teams and drivers have confirmed their intention to participate during this complicated end of the year.

So, as always, there will be quality tracks and road books over 5 days of racing, but also original routes in 80% of around 1,800 km of specials, a different logistical format with a maximum of turnkey services to reduce your costs, while facilitating your logistics and maximizing your pleasure.

Therefore, we will not start as initially planned from Agadir, but from the region of M’Hamid for an edition which will bring us to very different horizons to the west in the Erg Chegaga and to the east along the Draa Valley.

The Rallye du Maroc will be the only qualifying event in the fall for rookies (newcomers to the discipline) who would like to take on the challenge of Dakar and the only event to apply the sporting innovations of Dakar 2021. To strengthen our ties and generate a direct return for participants, Dakar is offering 2 registrations to competitors of the Rallye du Maroc 2020!!

I leave you to discover our new organization and encourage you to stay at home while waiting for an improvement.

Best regards,

David Castera
A different Rally adapted to the situation
Our focus: safety and sporting while optimizing the logistics costs of competitors and being able to meet possible new health requirements.

In this edition we have chosen to avoid large cities and, as previously announced, in doing so limiting exchanges in large, crowded areas.

We will set up a large bivouac in a unique setting where we will hold all administrative and technical verificaitons, the prologue, the 5 stages and the official awards ceremony at the closing of the event.

The organization will take care of all meals, including breakfast, from October 7th at noon to October 15th at 10:00 am for all competitors, assistants and the organization.

Accommodation will be possible in some hotels but will mostly be provided in standard or luxury tents with showers and toilets. Competitors who wish can sleep in their own personal tent and will have free access to toilets and showers. Accommodations will be booked via our website which will take you to the platform of a travel agency who will manage your various bookings.

Verification times will be optimized in order to be carried out in one day (October 9 th) instead of two, allowing you to arrive as late as possible on the day before, and thus save a day on your budget. The first stage will take place on October 10 th.

We will provide you with a transport offer (Europe-Morocco-Europe) for your vehicle and you will be able, thanks to our partner BF Goodrich, to benefit from a tire sales and fitting service for the entire event (by reservation beforehand).

Our major partner, Afriquia, will set up a refueling service in the bivouac. The details of this service offer will be communicated to you shortly.
You can register starting May 4th on our website

You will receive a 10% discount on the standard rate if you register before July 31st by paying 50% of the registration amount.

The registration includes all sports rights but also and exceptionally all meals at the bivouac from October 7th at noon to October 15 th in the morning for competitors and assistants. Once you arrive at the bivouac you will only have to pay your fuel fees and personal expenses (telecommunications, souvenirs, bar, etc.) throughout the 8 days!
An XXL Bivouac in the dunes
This exceptional bivouac will offer you all the comfort and amiability possible, allowing you to experience a moment of escape at the foot of the dunes and always in contact with your loved ones thanks to optimal 4G coverage provided by our major partner Maroc Telecom.

Maroc Telecom will offer you a tailor-made offer based on your specific needs. We will communicate the details of this service offer to you shortly.

Thanks to this bivouac, with no transfers required, there are no fees for assistance vehicles. We offer you a unique place to stay in order to facilitate your logistics.

For accommodation, you can choose between a standard tent of 2 or 4 people with beds and sheets or a luxury tent with bed/sheets/toilet/sink/shower for one or two people, or the camping formula (completely free to pitch your own tent) with access to showers and toilets.
The only real trial using the DAKAR innovations before DAKAR
The Rallye du Maroc 2020 offers you all the technical developments and innovations that will be applied in the next Dakar.

The most remarkable of them is the electronic road book. For the first time, and only once before Dakar, you will discover this new device that will mark the end of the paper road book.

Nobody will see the road books in advance. They will only be visible at the start of the special. The organization will pay for the cost of this device. Only the mount and the remote control will be the responsibility of the competitors.

The course, as usual, we be worked to always offer as much diversity and navigation as possible. The stages will be different from each other with a lot of sand and no question of repeating the same place twice.

The Rallye du Maroc is a first experience for many of you and we therefore offer two options to choose from with two different prices:
  • The full course in the GP Moto and FIA rally categories with specials of 300 to 460 km.
  • For the Rallye2, Enduro CUP Afriquia and SSV Open Maroc Telecom, a route between 300 and 370 km per day.
Note that for the SSV Open Maroc Telecom and the Enduro Cup Afriquia, a refueling every 100 km will be set up by the organization.
A label « ROAD TO DAKAR »
Given its level of organization in both sports and safety, the Rallye du Maroc obtains the “Road to Dakar” label. Two registrations for the next Dakar are to be awarded: one in the Open SSV Maroc Telecom category and one in the Enduro Cup Afriquia category for competitors who have never partiipated in Dakar.

Take note, participation in the Rallye du Maroc will be the only event of the new season which will allow bikers wishing to participate in Dakar, who do not have enough experience in rally Raid, to validate their participation.

In addition, all rookies participating in the Rallye du Maroc and Dakar will benefit from a 1,000€ discount on bikes and a 1,500€ discount on their SSV registration for Dakar 2021.

As the experience of an event alone is not always sufficient, you will also be able to benefit from the advice of renowned coaches who will bring their know-how to all novice competitors: road book reading, physical preparation, nutrition and various tips… They will be present in the bivouac, at the briefing, at refreshment points, and at the start and finish to respond to any questions.

See you soon.
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